(ムカシトカゲモン Nugashitokaiamon)
Title The Supreme Being
Level Mega
Type Reptile
Attribute Data
Family Dragon´s Roar

Tuataramon is a Mega Level Reptile Digimon. It is one of the mightiest beings in the Digital World and it can only be rivaled by its twin, the equally powerful Lizardmon. It is by far the strongest female Digimon and no matter how fearsome an opponent may be, it will eventually be defeated. It carries a scepter of pure Chrome Digizoid similar to that of its fellow siblings but its sections point diagonally rather than vertically and horizontally. Rather than controlling fire, water, earth and wind, it specializes in metal, electricity, ice and diamond and makes the Digital World tremble whatever, whenever and wherever it is fighting.


  • Ultimate Blizzard: Summons vast amounts of ice and forms a massive torment which freezes and shatters the opponent to pieces in an instant.
  • Electric Slasher: Extends one of its arms to the sky and calls down a powerful V-shaped lightning and then throws it like a boomerang to tear the enemy apart.
  • Metal Trident: Creates a metallic trident out of thin air and batters the enemy with a barrage of metal projectiles until nothing is left.
  • Diamond Scale Dash: Charges the opponent with the unrelenting hardness of a diamond in several ways while firing its tough scales, conquering virtually any foe.
  • Elemental Four: Materializes the swords on its chest containing the elements of ice, lightning, metal and diamond and holds them on its hands and feet. It then slashes all four of them diagonally, two on each side, and hurls it with a mighty tail swipe, annihilating the opponent.

Unison Attacks

  • Asterisk of the Elements: Combines its "Elemental Star" with that of its twin brother Lizardmon, forming an asterisk containing the power of all the elements both Digimon possess and launching it with a double tail swipe, sending any enemy to oblivion.
  • Union of the Great Four: Tuataramon, Lizardmon, Lacertiliamon and Sauromon fire a combined assault with all of their energy, generating a blast that no object can withstand and no living being can survive.