Partners Alexis Stokes

Turuiemon is a main character in Fan:Digimon Tamers: V2. She is the partner of Alexis Stokes.


Unlike the usual Turuiemon, this one's clothing is black and red.


Turuiemon wants nothing more than her partner to be proud of her. She won't eat much and over exerts herself often. She will even fight without Alexis to show her strength.

She met Alexis after she was abused by her mother. Alexis had been struck leaving a scar from her ring. She ran up to her room crying, when Turuiemon could feel her pain all the way from the Digital World. Feeling a connection with the girl, she came to her through a Turuiemon card that Alexis was looking at.

Alexis befriended her easily and her MP3 Player became her digivice.


  • Shatter: Magically covers the opponent in darkness and then 'shatters' their data.
  • Gauntlet Claw: Uses the blades on her arms to attack her enemies with great speed and force.

Other Forms

The name "Turuiemon" only refers to the champion form of this digimon. Through out the series she gains the ability to become more forms. However, Turuiemon is her preferred form.

Lopmon b

Lopmon (ロップモン)


Lopmon is the rookie form of Turuiemon.

Lopmon has only made one appearance. Lopmon first appears when Turuiemon barely survives the fight with Dragomon and is forced to DeDigivolve.