Level Mega
Type Fairy
Attribute Vaccine
Family Wind Guardians

Twistermon is a Fairy Digimon whose name and design come from "twister", a slang term for a tornado. It is said that this Digimon was responsible for the Grand Tornado, which ravaged the Digital World. Twistermon is a Digimon with locked gender encoding, always being male. He performs quick spinning motions that produce powerful tornadoes to attack. Twistermon is a member of the Mega Dragon Tamers, and his dragon familiar is Gustdramon.


Twistermon has the appearance of a 12-year-old boy with long light gray hair and green eyes. He is clad in light green-colored armor with shoulder pads designed similar to pinwheels, a black bodysuit underneath it. Fans are built into the palms of her armored gloves and into the bottom of his armored boots. The wrists of his gloves have blades coming off of them.

Digimon Data Squad Fanfiction

Twistermon appears in a Digimon Data Squad fanfiction alongside Gustdramon and the rest of the Mega Dragon Tamers, who aim to make the Digital World their domain. In this fic, Twistermon is quite the shy kid, not speaking aside from his attack names. He and Gustdramon are defeated by DATS, but Twistermon is seen in the ending when DATS returns to see the Digital World's rebuilding.


  • Tornado Lift - Twistermon can fly by using his boot fans to make a tornado underneath him. He doesn't need to call this move out to use it.
  • Emerald Twister - Points his hand forward, palm open, then fires a green tornado from the fan in his glove. This attack can be charged to become more powerful, but Twistermon cannot move while he charges.
  • Break Swirl - Activates the fans in his boots before performing a breakdance maneuver, combining melee attacks with a tornado. It's much easier to perform on demand, but is weaker.
  • Cyclone Crash - Dives toward his opponent while spinning around, his boot fans active forming a tornado around his feet, making him attack similar to a drill.
  • Twist Slicer - Spins around on one foot while covering himself with a tornado, then swipes with his arms while within, his blades causing green wind blades to fire out from the tornado.
  • Grand Tornado - Activates all four fans before spinning around rapidly, forming a massive green tornado that is said to have ravaged the Digital World in the past. A last resort attack.