Everett Russo is the average hot-headed, basketball player. His father is a computer engineer who always gets on his case about his homework and chores and his mother is a stay-at-home mom who gives Ty some very important life lessons. He is the most popular kid at Compton Middle School. He had a twin sister named Stella who was kidnappedas a child. Everett was kicking a soccer ball around in his room when his computer showed a digiegg hatching and a Botamon along with an orange D-Activater came out of his computer. Before he and the other DigiDestined went to the Digital World Botamon digivolved to Koromon. While in the Koromon Village,a Raremon attacks them and Everetts life is at risk when he tried to save a couple of Koromon. Since he demonstrated so much courage Koroman double-digivolved to Greymon. Greymon then destroyed Raremon with his Nova Blast attack and soon de-digivolved toAugumon. He has a crush on Fan:Sabrina Carstin.

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