TyrantKabuterimon b

TyrantKabuterimon is one of the two evil Titan-Insectoid Digimon that Oozemon has the parents dig up. It resembles a rhinoceros beetle with a scorpion-like tail & can fire lasers from its tail. It is fueled by ooze, & when Garurumon bites its tail, it causes a large amount of ooze to leak out.

Liam & Nicky battles it until Alex shows up & destroys it with Aquilamon's missiles.

Interesting enough, unlike the DemiOozemon & Karatenmon, who Oozemon mearly sees as minions, he seems to have a more personal connection with the Titan-Insectoid Digimon, as he becomes enraged after TyrantKabuterimon is destroyed.

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