Tyromon is a rookie level dinosaur digimon. He is Romo "Tex" Konkuya's partner. Tex's Tyromon was digitally genetically engineered, so as a result, he can digivolve into various Mega level digimon.Tex's Tyromon is the last of his kind after a human caused fire destroyed his home and family when he was just a Reximon. His mother often guides him in his dreams or when he "wakes up to his sixth sense". He often is ferocious, but is only a facade to camouflage his shy, sensitive self. Under normal circumstances, he can digivolve or degenerate to these forms, in order from Fresh to Mega: Steggimon, Reximon, Tyromon, Raptormon, MetalRaptormon, and finally WarRaptormon. However, if his emotions become corrupt, his Ultimate level is SkullRaptormon, and his Mega level is Akumadramon.

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