Tyrone Pandemonium on his way to Cache Town stopped at Tape Drive Burough, where he gathered some Digimon better suited to combat on dry land than his Armada of Envy. He Digivolved a MetalSeadramon from the Armada of Envy to GigaSeadramon and proceeded to lay siege to the village. A quarter of the populace of Tape Drive Borough had their data sent to the Dark Area, another quarter surrendered and were conscripted into the Armada of Envy, and the remaining half fled for their digital lives, notably a Drimogemon who tunneled all the way to Cache Town where the Digidestined where residing at the moment.


Conscripts DigiXros

  • NiseLilithmon

Though NiseLilithmon pales in comparison to the genuine article, she is still a deadly opponent and more than a match most Ultimate {Mega} level Digimon.

NiseLilithmon was the first DigiXros Tyrone Pandemonium made, out of Frogmons, Lillymon, Lilamon, Kinkakumons, and Gargomon. She tried to turn on Tyrone Pandemonium after being called a w— (censored in the original) but he destroyed her as Surfimon with his Lightning Cutter attack. After scanning her Fractal Code, he cut up her DigiEgg and sent it to the Dark Area.

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