Ulrick Maze is a main character in "Digimon : The Golden Digivice".

Ulrick Maze


Ulrick DW

Appears in:The Golden Digivice
First appearance The Quest Begins! [01]
Digivice(s):Silver Fusion Loader
Age (Fr:) 16
Date of birth January 9
Grade 11th
Gender Male
Known relatives Elizabeth Maze (Sister)
Tristhan Le Blanc (Cousin)
Nationality French
Occupation Student


Ulrick is a young man with blue eyes and blond long hair. He has glasses and wears a leather jacket and jeans pants.

Ulrick is the brains of the DigiDestined and he likes to show his "superior intelligence", like he says. He is a friendly person and resolves his problems and conflicts by using humor.

Before becoming a DigiDestined, Ulrick was a great Tamer, like Liz, his little sister. But like every DigiDestined, he learnt that raise a Digimon in reality is more difficult than on a console.

When Kotemon, his partner, digivolved to Knightmon, her Ultimate form, for the first time, he made the link between the DigiDestined's partners and the Digimon which they had on their consoles (because he had a powerful Knightmon).

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