(ケンタウルスのカブトムシモンスター centarubeetlemon)
AncientBeetlemon b
Level mega
Type armored insect
Attribute variable
Family metal empire
Prior forms beetlemon
Next forms nothing
Partners J.P shibayama

ultimatebeetlemon is a armored insect digimon that is the fusion of beetlemon and a unknown digimon called mecspidermon which is a robotic spider digimon only appearing in the Digimon Frontier episodes the web of mecspidermon, the robotic spider digimon,rise, ultimatebeetlemon! and the rise of ultimatebeetlemon X . it is said that this digimons swords, Biox № itatacthi are two of the most powerful blades ever known.


•¿glenndora № yugachi(beetle's ninja blade barrage) attacks with a barrage of slashes with its blades at one random digimon. the first blow does ½ damage to their health. the second blow does ⅓ damage to their health. the third blow does ⅔ damage to their health. the fourth blow does ¼ damage to their health. the fifth blow does ¾ damage to their health. the sixth blow does ⅛ damage to their health. the seventh blow does ⅜ damage to their health. the eighth blow does ⅝ damage to their health. the ninth blow does ⅞ damage to their health.

•peikus № hibakime(death trip to the mind) performs a mystic spell which does ∞ damage to all of ultimatebeetlemons enemy's in battle and then sends them to their minds.

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