Ultra-Category Digicore Weapon Experiments
General information
Founder: Omegamon (Ancient Past Incarnation)
Leader: Jadedramon (2016)
Intentions: To be utilized at full force with the intent to permanently destroy ZeedMillenniumon.
Appearances: Digimon Re: Story

The Ultra-Category Digicore Weapon Experiments is an informal term to refer to the 2016 incarnations of Brondramon, Cobaldramon, and Jadedramon. In this incarnation, the three Digimon were created as accidental side-effects with weapon and digicore experimentation in an attempt to research and discover a means to be able to immediately, and hopefully, permanently, destroy ZeedMillenniumon before it even has the remote chance to become too powerful. With all three Digimon designed as Ultra Level Digimon in order to ensure that they overpower ZeedMillenniumon at all costs, lest ZeedMillenniumon continue to pose a threat to all of reality. Originally designed as merely weaponry for other Digimon to utilize, specifically Mega Level Digimon that can handle the extreme levels of power the weaponry were designed to have, research on the project was abandoned when one of the weapons suddenly transformed into a Digimon and went on a power-hungry rampage. Cobaldramon, the first to come alive, ended up causing the other two weapons to come to life as Digimon as well, now known as Brondramon and Cobaldramon. Originally designed as the last hope of all of reality, they now exist in a dormant state in ancient parts of the Digital World, as solemn reminders of how both man and Digimon alike thought they could control such raw levels of power so easily, but how ignorant they were to fail to show restraint when designing prototype weapons like these that would've eventually become destructive in nature...

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