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UltraGarurumon is a Mega-level Cyborg Digimon it's armor is made from Blue Digizoid which gives it excellent speed and it has hidden missiles in it.It is a emissary for AncientGarurumon. It's name deprives from "Ultra Garurumon". The long-ranged cannon "Lycaon" equipped on its right arm and the gatling gun "Lupus" equipped on its left arm.

The Fenrir-00 unit is equipped on its back, besides improving its mobility and serving as a flight pack, the Fenrir-00 is also detachable and can function independently due to its AI system or be remoted controlled. In this form, it can either serve as a separate support unit or as a subflight unit. The Fenrir-00 mounts two beam cannons, two turret machine guns and four machine guns. All of these weapons can be used regardless of whether the Fenrir-00 is attached or detached from UltraGarurumon.


  • NeoGaruru Cannon: Summons a cannon from it's chest.

Variations / Subspecies

UltraGarurumon Ancient Beast ModeEdit

UltraGarurumon Ancient Burst ModeEdit

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