Ultra Teedramon is Teedramon's warp digivolved form and X Teedramon is the super evolved form of Ultra Teedramon and is Teedramon's final form after digivolving with the X antibody.

UltraTeedramon Attacks

  • ultra T charge: he unleashes a digivolving aura and charges at the opponent
  • ultra T blaster: he blasts a ultra powerful aura at the opponent
  • flame blast: he blasts fire at the enemy
  • wind blast: he blasts wind energy at the opponent

X Teedramon Attacks

  • XT charge: he generates an aura and charges at the opponent
  • x tornado: he spins so fast that he creates a tornado
  • final blast: he uses all of his energy to blast the enemy
  • X claw:he slashes his opponent with white energy

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