Hi there, I'm Destiny Calling, but you can call me Destiny or Ms. Calling. Now then, to let you know, this isn't my first fan story. If you've read my profile, then you'd know that I have another Wiki account, and on that accont I've got another story up. But, we're talking about this story, not that one.

Now, I called this Under Dark Wings because, as the summery states, some of them end up in other armies hands, and they agree with them, so they join up with them. This is an Adventure/02/Tamers/Frontier/Xros Wars Xros-over, in case you couldn't see it. Now then, continuing, that include the Blue Flare and Bagura armies as well, hence the "Dark Wings". Also, this is Japanese format. You know, Taichi, Daisuke and such.

There will also be OCs (Own Characters) featured. If you know nothing about me or my OCs, go to my FF.Net profile. Or, if you can't be bothered to do that, you can always go to my blog post where I'm posting them.

Now, the Chapter list is below and on the front page. I would like comments and constructive critisms to be placed in the Chapter discussion, if that is ok. I may also put this up on FF...if I can get off my lazy ass and do it.

Chapter List

Key: Completed; In Progress; Planning; Going Over

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