Digimon Tamer; Daniel Kayamai

Early Tamer Character Concept

Daniel Kayamai known in Japan as Denieru Keeme is a cheerful, happy, non-violent person who loves Digimon, loving to play the Digimon card game. With one such Digimon became his partner; Cougreymon. He has been best friends with Takato Matsuki for many years and he fast became friends with Henry Wong and his partner, Terriermon. Daniel was suppose to be voiced by Yi Han (Japan) and Maggie Blue O'Hara (English). Daniel was considered somewhat the co-leader of the Tamers because of his intellegence and inginuity.

Digimon Tamers

An only child. He comes from a family of ninja clans, but is extremely sensitive and imaginative and he loves to be helpful. He is the heir to the Kayamai clan fortune, but is a discrace to his clan. With that on his mind he wanted someone to help him, so he imagine in his mind a Digimon of his own creation while in the process he somehow passed out and awoke with a Digivice in his hand and Cougreymon sitting in front of him. He wanted to help Cougreymon fight the 3 Sorcermon that kidnapped Calumon so badly at that point that they Biomerged to form Mokujinmon and defeated the 3 Sorcermon and saved Calumon. Daniel's emotions often gets the best of him, and he can occasionally let his feelings cloud his judgement. On rare occasions he lets his anger run out of control when something trajic goes too far.

Battle Of Adventurers

Daniel and Cougreymon accompannied Takato and Guilmon to Okinawa, where they were to stay with Takato's cousin, Kai, and his grandfather. Initially, Daniel wanted to go but he soon after did not enjoy the experience of the islands. When Digimon started showing up in Okinawa. Daniel, Cougreymon, Takato, Guilmon and Kai took up battle with several of them. After saving Minami Uehara, the daughter of the creator of a V-Pet, Takato and Daniel looked after her until she was kidnapped by rogue Digimon and taken to VP Labs. Daniel, Grizzlymon, Takato, Growlmon, Kai and Seasarmon, Minami's "partner", took after her and rescued her and her father before engaging Mephistomon in battle. Henry, Rika and their partners soon joined the battle against the Ultimate Level Digimon. The battle continued into another dimension where WarGrowlmon, Beastemon, Rapidmon and Taomon created the "Quad Burst" to defeat Gulfmon.

Runaway Locomon

Daniel was going to take the train to go and check the work put into the surprise party for Rika so far, but the appearance of Locomon thwarted the idea. Finding out that Locomon's destination was a portal to the Digital World that was allowing an invasion of Parasimon. Gallantmon, Mokujinmon, MegaGargomon, Sakuyamon and the other Tamers teamed up to defeat the incoming Parasimon. Afterwards, Daniel was to attend Rika's birthday party.