Level Rookie
Attribute Vaccine
Next forms Rickarmamon Grauerimon

Urabamon is a Rookie level Digimon who is suited to the streets, it's family of Digivolution's main ability is based on a primal rage, enhancing their current physical capabilties.


Many Urabamon where full-sized or miniature human clothes, it is not known why they do this. Urabamon's Digivolution family all wear golden masks engraved with red flame markings, it is also unknown how the masks' designs differ from Urabamon to Urabamon and how they change through Digivolution.


  • Fist Rage: Urabamon's fists glow red, this enhances the power given through punches
  • Knuckle Twister: Urabamon spins uncontrollably, his fists out ready to strike his opponents