Title Major Hope
Level Armor
Prior forms PrimitiveAgumon + Digi-Egg of Hope
Partners Matthew

UrsaGreymon is the ninth Armor form PrimitiveAgumon reaches. His name and design are derived from the constellation Ursa Major and Greymon. His appearance resembles that of a Monzaemon's, but is colored brown. Blue stripes appear on his chin and neck, as well as the sides of his legs and a stripe that wraps most of the way around each wrist. UrsaGreymon has three sharp claws on each paw. The Crest of Hope is on his stomach.

First Appearance

The Digi-Egg of Hope was discovered in a temple along with the Digi-Egg of Light. They were being guarded by a Myotismon and a WaruDevidramon, respectively. The two digimon came up with a deal for the DigiDestineds: if their digimon could win against them using only their current means of digivolution, they could receive the Digi-Egg whose guardian was defeated. This challenge was accepted by the DigiDestineds and PrimitiveAgumon and Haku digivolved to their Champion levels. The battle went horribly for the two Champions until PrehistoricGreymon was able to freeze WaruDevidramon to the floor. Myotismon was still too good for them and they weren't able to land a single hit. After WaruDevidramon broke free of the ice, the two Ultimates were able to return the digimon to Rookies. Then Matthew realized why Myotismon wasn't taking any attacks: he was immune to anything but Vaccine-type digimon. Brittani asked AncientTentomon which of their Digi-Eggs would make their digimon Vaccines. He told them the Digi-Eggs of Determination and Compassion would do it. Matthew and Brittani used the Digi-Eggs and were able to defeat Myotismon. In keeping with the deal, WaruDevidramon let them get the Digi-Egg of Hope before continuing the fight. UrsaGreymon and Hakushimon were able to defeat WaruDevidramon much more easily than Myotismon was defeated and they received the Digi-Egg of Light.


Constellation Claw- traps the opponent in a miniature constellation that slices the opponent when they struggle

Ursa Stars- summons miniature stars that collide with the opponent