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V-Tamer, chapter 1
V-Tamer (Digiversum) TP
The Digimon Spin-Off:
Release date August 16, 2016
Story by CAJH
Directed by CAJH

The Digimon Spin-Off: V-Tamer (simply known as V-Tamer) is a fanon live-action film idea created by CAJH. It is the second installment of the fanfictional media franchise idea known as the Digiversum. The story borrows many elements from real-life manga Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01. The film was announced in June 4, 2016 and its synopsis was released in August 16, 2016. The sequel, V-Tamer: 2nd Round, was released in November 22, 2016.

A bullied high school student named Vincent "Vince" Haldman ends up into the Digital Wilds, a mostly desolated area in Digiversum where Digimon are fighting brutal matches for their survival. Vince himself becomes part of these matches by becoming a Tamer for a Digimon named Veemon.


(Only the most important details of the plot are written in here, minor details can be imagined by readers themselves. The same thing goes for any possible quotes from the dialogue.)

The first match

In a mysterious desert-like place, there is a white arch-like mechanism. Then, growls and stomping sounds are heard. Then, in it is shown that the mechanism is near of a coliseum where sounds of fighting are heard. An audience is cheering, but none of them look or sound like they are humans. The monsters are revealed to be Digimon a.k.a. "Digital Monsters", a life-form in a digital dimension known as the Digiversum. Shadows show a wingless dragon-like Digimon fighting against a spiky tortoise-like Digimon. The audience refers the tortoise-like Digimon as Tortomon. The match takes for some time, but then, something happens, the other Digimon starts to shrink and is easily defeated by Tortomon.

The audience cheers on Tortomon and the smaller Digimon, shown to be a blue-colored dragon-like Digimon with large ear-like appendances and yellow V-shaped mark on its forehead, gets out the arena. Disappointed of his loss, he starts to punch the air. After tiring itself up a little, he starts to sense something nearby. He finds a small red tag-like object and it starts to glow.

Vince's bad day

At same time, in human world, a boy from Detroit is attempting to join into the football team of the school he attends. But he constantly drops the ball or is tackled down. His name is Vincent Haldman, but people call him Vince. Vince is a first-year high school student and less muscular than other candidates who wish to join the team. The team captain is Nigel Adams, a third-year high school student, who has bullied Vince many times before, but has never been caught using violence.

Vince had heard Nigel's insults so many times, but this time simply failing at joining the team was more upsetting. The coach had already been unbelieving of Vince due to his muscles, and after what seeing him in the field, he felt absolutely certain that Vince's place was not in the team. Vince's only friend was Riley, Nigel's who was kind unlike her brother, but had no courage to stand against him. Vince promises to one day get even with Nigel. Riley, however, warns him not use violence like Nigel, believing that it never solves anything.


In a dark cave, several ghost-like or demon-like Digimon are gathering. A mysterious figure appears in front of them. He is waiting for news about the "Tags", but soon realizes there has been no sign of he means. The figure is revealed to be a powerful Digimon named Piemon who looks like a jester. The audience who calls itself Nightmare Soldiers listens when Piemon tells about being superior to other "Families" formed by the Digimon around "the Digital Wilds". He tells them that they have been waiting for a good chance to start the great mission. The mission requires the full knowledge of the Tags. Piemon already has one of them. It resembles the red one found the blue dragon-like Digimon, but is black and it has a text: "Piemon. Nightmare Soldiers. V-Tag." Soon, one of the PicoDevimon arrives and tells Piemon good news: the red V-Tag has finally been found. Piemon is happy about the news, and so is the audience. Now that he knows the locations of most of the V-Tags, they can start.

Vince meets Veemon

Vince is on his way to home. But then, he noticed few street cats running away in panic. Depressed, but curious, Vince decided to check it out, and finds the same blue dragon-like Digimon with the red V-Tag. Vince was a little bit afraid, but tried to approach him. The Digimon realized that he was in a human world which he had considered to be only a legend. He introduced himself as Veemon and he was from the Digital Wilds, a place located in the Digiversum, a dimension in cyberspace. But he had no idea of the true meaning of the V-Tag he had with him. There had only appeared a text: "Veemon. Nature Spirits. V-Tag."

Veemon swears the V-Tag had no text when he found it. He would like to return into the Digital Wilds and find out more. Vince felt that it was best for Veemon to come with to his home in order to avoid any other human noticing him. Veemon was too proud to allow anyone help him, since he had always been on his own, and would defeat any obstacle with his "special ability". But he was forced to admit one problem: he can't use the ability without restoring himself to full power and health. So, he decided to accept Vince's invitation.

Vince was the only child in his family and lived in the safest parts of the city with his parents, luckily avoiding any shady places. Hiding Veemon wasn't easy, even when Vince had to tell his parents that he wasn't allowed to join the football team, but luckily Veemon get inside without anyone noticing. Vince had never wanted a pet, but now he had an intelligent creature to look after, making him feel he had a friend rather than a pet. Veemon was starting to feel good about his newly-found friendship with Vince, but still said that he would stay only until he would find a way to return to his own world. But when they fall asleep, something silently appears through a laptop screen into Vince's room.

The hunt begins

The Digital Wilds has oceans, but living there is very hard, just like in the surface. The amount of water of lesser than on Earth, and the ocean currents have directions that constantly cause unexpected changes in the environment. A small seal-like Digimon was deeply disappointed this, but then heard a voice to warn him that something was approaching. The seal Digimon saw a group of Bakemon, but then Piemon appeared before him.

Piemon knew that the small Digimon, named Gomamon, was in contact with the something he wants. Gomamon had already been warned and refused to tell anything. Then, Piemon gave a sign for a group of unknown Digimon allied with him. They were Gizamon, furred frog-like Digimon with several black and sharp fins. Piemon had promised them part of the resources of his Nightmare Soldiers in exchange for hurting Gomamon. Gomamon reminded Gizamon they belonged to Deep Savers Family with him, but Gizamon had suffered long enough to lose their moral. After few strikes, Gomamon decided to swim away, but hardly able to do so. Piemon sensed something with Gomamon and decided to follow him ordering the Bakemon reward the Gizamon with what they promised. But Piemon had lied to Gizamon. His minions started to slay Gizamon and download their data to themselves. An unseen person, however, told them to leave something for Piemon too.

Since most of most of the ocean was hardly inhabitable, Gomamon tried to avoid diving underwater. But when he saw Piemon following him, he had no choice but to dive. Gomamon thought he was not going to survive, but then, a blue V-Tag with him started to glow and formed a protective shield around his body. He was able to each reach a way that would lead him to safety. Piemon was angered that Gomamon got away, so he decided to prepare better for the next time. Gomamon ended up into shore where was sitting a young Japanese man.

Journey into the Wilds

Vince heard a mysterious voice telling him to come for help. Then he woke up in the morning only to find out a mysterious device with him. Veemon didn't know what the device was, but knew that it came from the Digital Wilds. The device was glowing and Vince's laptop also reacted to it. If the Digital Wilds resided in cyberspace, it must have come through a computer. Luckily, Vince had no school today, so he had time to explore it a little bit. But after Vince started his laptop, a powerful flash of light took covered his room. When Vince's parents saw that the room was empty, they decided to call for police.

But Vince's parents didn't know that Vince had accidentally teleported into the Digital Wilds with Veemon. Vince found himself in a desert near of the same coliseum where Veemon had lost a match against Tortomon. That was a place where Veemon didn't want to be right now, since fighters who lose their first match weren't popular there. Realizing how similar Veemon's situation was, Vince told him about how he had failed in his first attempt to join the football team. Veemon tried to deny this, but then he had no choice, but to admit that he had an ability he could use once per day, but it wasn't enough during his first match.

Since a mysterious disaster, the place which was now known as the Digital Wilds had been a harsh dystopian world. There were not enough resources for any powerful Digimon to rule or govern it, and separate communities started to lose their moral and settle their disagreements about resources by putting their representatives to fight each other. Veemon was one without any community, and he answered to only himself. Vince said they would find a solution for this, but he would need to return to the real world, before his parents would realize he had disappeared. But there was one problem: Vince didn't know how to do so. All he could do was to follow Veemon until they would find a way.

Searching for Vince

In the real world, Riley was going to visit Vince only to see police cars in front of his house. Vince's parents have realized that their son had disappeared and called them. They explained how they had not even seen or heard their son even leaving the house. Riley was deeply worried when she heard about this was sending message about it for everyone she knew was in the same class. Then she was asked by the police officers to tell everything she knew about Vince's whereabouts during last days. After the questioning, she called Nigel who claimed not to be interested about Vince's disappearance and was busy for his own things. Riley was afraid that Vince was secretly somewhere planning a revenge for Nigel and thought it was her responsibility to stop him.

Attack against Metal Empire

The only technology in the Digital Wilds is at the hands of a Family named Metal Empire comprised of full mechanic Digimon or at least cyborgs. Piemon and his minions were approaching their home area, filled with several machines and lights, but only few of them were still operational. Piemon asked them who was he carrier if the Metal Empire V-Tag. The carrier was revealed to be a winged cyborg serpent-like Digimon named Megadramon. Megadramon was furious to see Nightmare Soldiers and tried to attack Piemon. Piemon accepted the challenge, but the loser should relinquish his V-Tag to the winner.

The battle causes major destruction, causing destruction for some of the remaining technology. This angered many of the Digimon, but the Nightmare Soldiers prevented them from interfering. Megadramon was almost unable to wound Piemon who prolonged the battle only to have some excitement on it. But then he had enough and released some unknown power from inside. Inhabitants of the Metal Empire knew what is was and despised Piemon from using a forbidden power. The Nightmare Soldiers were surprised of this as well. Because they were almost powerless against other Families before Piemon's reign, even they wouldn't dare to use the power Piemon had just used. Piemon didn't care about rules at all and decided to finish Megadramon off. After falling into the ground, Megadramon dropped the grey V-Tag with a text: "Megadramon. Metal Empire. V-Tag." But then Megadramon's was replaced by Piemon's name and Piemon stated how he now had two V-Tags. The Nightmare Soldiers started cheering for their champion.

But then Piemon had another surprise: he fused the two V-Tags to his chest to create a deeper connection to their power. Piemon's swords transformed into more durable metal and became sharper. Then Piemon touched a white platform in the city, which was one of the roots of the Yggdrasill, a dormant being who once existed everywhere in the Digiversum. V-Tags had power affect these portals and now Piemon was easily able to travel into locations of each V-Tags. But much to his surprise, two of them were very near of each other.

Meeting Jiro

After several hours, Vince and Veemon had reached the ocean. Veemon explained how even its existence didn't fully support living. There he had a friend who would know more about the V-Tags and could help them find out their purpose. Veemon started to sense something nearby. It was the friend he had talked about. They found Gomamon with the Japanese young man who introduced himself as Jiro Ichida. Veemon realized his friend was wounded and was told how the Gizamon were tricked to do it for Gomamon. Thanks to Jiro, he was starting to feel better. Vince was relieved that he was not the only human in the Digital Wilds. Jiro explained that he came from Okinawa and that he had learned medical skills from his father who was a doctor in there. His parents wanted him to become doctor too and Jiro was going to do it because he wanted to respect his family traditions.

But then Jiro was interested to find out how Vince had ended up into the Digital Wilds. Vince told everything and showed the Nature Spirits V-Tag. Jiro himself had accidentally ended up into the Digital Wilds when the computer in his room mysteriously activated during his studies. He had received similar device than the one Vince had received before entering the Wilds for the first time. Gomamon showed that Vince and Veemon were not the only ones with a V-Tag. He revealed the blue V-Tag he was carrying. It belonged to the Deep Savers and Gomamon was tasked to protect it by its current owner who was a Digimon named Whamon.

Whamon was one of the Digimon took the V-Tags into safety when they first appeared. No one knows who created them, but they have existed since ever since the mysterious disaster that causes the world they now live in to become the Digital Wilds and possibly other worlds and planes in the Digiversum as well. Without any resources to rule the place, the Digimon had started to resolve their conflicts by fighting matches. Jiro wasn't happy to hear that. He thought the Digimon should be working together to secure their survival, but Veemon and Gomamon knew that each Digimon Family lived in different environment and had their own opinions about survival. However, they explained that there were certain rules about how the matches should be fought. A Family called Virus Busters were more loyal anyone to these rules, but the Nightmare Soldiers were now led by Piemon who had no respect for rules, but was also too powerful for anyone to be defeated. Piemon's matches had also caused many deaths in the Digital Wilds. Vince believed that some people were just too stubborn to be negotiated with, but Jiro maintained belief that some would were not. Vince remembered what Riley had said to him yesterday, but was still unable to share her beliefs.

The battle of revelations

Piemon starts to open the portal into the place Vince, Jiro, Veemon and Gomamon currently were. This also affected slightly into the real world, where Riley noticed this in her home when her computer started to act strangely. She started to see video clips about the Digital Wilds and Vince. Meanwhile, Piemon prepared to step through the portal with the same mysterious person, who accompanied him and the Nightmare Soldiers to chase Gomamon, followed him. Vince and the others noticed the portal opening. Gomamon recognized Piemon who desired the two V-Tags for himself. Veemon wasn't going to give it up without a fight. Gomamon tried to prevent him from doing so, but then Veemon had a secret to reveal: he can evolve. He evolved into his Champion form Veedramon which he had previously used in his match against Tortomon. Vince realized that this was the "special ability" Veemon told about. But unknown to Vince, the device he had with him reacted to this.

Veedramon started to attack Piemon's minions and was powerful enough to easily beat them. He wanted greater challenges and was ready to face Piemon. Veemon tried to strike several times against Piemon, but all his attempts failed. Finally, Piemon slashed him with his sword, wounding Veedramon's right shoulder. Jiro and Vince told him to run, but Veedramon didn't want to lose again. Gomamon, however, reminded that surviving was now more important. Veedramon finally gave up when he ran out of power and degenerated back into Veemon. Piemon was about to kill him, but Vince went between them. That was when Vince heard a familiar laugh. It came from the person who had allied with Piemon. And much to Vince's horror, it was revealed to be Nigel.

Nigel himself was both surprised and amused to find out that Vince had become a Tamer too. Vince had no idea what it meant until Nigel showed him the device he had with him and explained it was his Digivice, which made Piemon his Partner Digimon. Then Vince and Jiro realized that they had Digivices too and that Veemon and Gomamon had become their Partner Digimon. But they were unable to understand how Nigel had become a Tamer for such strong and evil Digimon like Piemon. Nigel said he had received his own Digivice weeks before Vince and Jiro, and boasted his belief about strong people being superior to weak. Vince became very angry was about to punch Nigel, but then a portal opened and Jiro pushed Vince through. Veemon decided to follow, while Jiro and Gomamon stepped through another portal. Nigel and Piemon were angered about this and were unable to understand who opened them.

Vince's return

Vince found himself and Veemon in his room again. Once Vince realized this, he told Veemon to go hiding. Vince's parents opened the door and found out that their son was back. They wanted an explanation, and Vince lied that he had simply woke up early in the morning and go into the downtown. He was reprimanded by his parents about not telling where he was. Next time he would up under house arrest.

Few days later, Vince and Veemon were thinking what they should do. They felt that Piemon and Nigel had to be stopped, but Vince had not told Riley anything, because he was afraid she wouldn't believe him. Soon, Riley came to visit him and Vince decided to show Veemon for him. But Riley wasn't surprised, since she had seen mysterious video footage about him and Vince during the disturbance on the portals between the real world and the Digital Wilds. Riley wanted to know what this was all about, and Vince told him how he met Veemon and got his Digivice. He was, however, afraid of telling about Nigel, due to not wanting to hurt her. But Riley already knew about Nigel and Piemon, seeing them in the video footage too. The disturbance must have been caused by the portal activity and the V-Tags.

Riley was willing to help Vince and Veemon find a way to return into the Digital Wilds, but only if they would leave their enemies alive and act in the name of justice, not revenge. Vince had already seen what Piemon had done and desire not to do the same thing. But Veemon was worried about he would be able to defeat Piemon who was a Mega Level Digimon, while he was only a Rookie Level Digimon capable of evolving into Champion Level, which two levels lower than Mega. Riley asked what the Digimon needed to be able to evolve, and Veemon replied it being strength and energy. Then Vince realized that what they needed was training and exercising, something he should have started earlier to do better in sports. Riley was ready to help them on that thing too.

The training period

Riley advised Vince to go running and do certain exercises to get in shape. At first, Vince was thinking that he was being pushed too far, but he also knew that building strength and muscles was never meant to be too easy. Vince also needed to avoid any junk food for a while. He wasn't fat, but didn't want to become one either. But now they still had one problem: where would Veemon train without being seen by anyone. They thought it was time to find out the way to control the portals how they wanted.

Vince had a theory that his Digivice was what allowed traveling between the two worlds, since it reacted with computer screens. Did this mean that only Tamers were permitted to travel into the Digital Wilds and the other places in the Digiversum? When he put his Digivice closer to the screen, he ended up into the Digital Wilds with Riley and Veemon. They were surprised that Riley was able to come with them, realizing that anyone nearby could the same while stand close to a Tamer when portal opens. But they couldn't stay this time, because otherwise Vince's parents would call the police once again. They had to schedule their journeys as much as their exercises. When they had found a way to do so, they started to train Veemon's abilities. Veemon had to be able to fight against their opponents even in its current form and only evolve into Veedramon when necessary. After a while, Veemon could do even stronger punches and headbutts, which were its usual techniques. When Veemon next time evolved, Vince's Digivice started to react again, and Veedramon's attacks had become more powerful as well. Veemon's ability to retain his energy and avoid degeneration had also been prolonged.

Attack into the forests

Nigel and Piemon had not been searching other V-Tags for a while, since they were afraid that they would be surprised by Vince and Veemon. Nigel suspected that his sister was helping Vince, since normally Vince would act impatiently and try to get his revenge as soon as possible. Piemon already knew how to get stronger without training. He showed Nigel one of his secret power sources: a Dark Crater. Several of them were left behind by the disaster responsible for the current state of the Digital Wilds. They were less harmful to Nightmare Soldiers who mostly represented ghostly or demonic Digimon species. Many other Digimon, however, considered their power forbidden and the V-Tags would only change owners if their opponents would die or be defeated in a fair fight. But to reach the ownership the V-Tag must be touched after its owner loses it. After gaining enough power from the crater, Piemon decided to start searching more V-Tags again.

The Digital Wilds also had some forests, but not many plants produced any eatable fruits. And some Digimon species living there resemble plants and need healthy nutrition-rich soil in order survive like real plants. Forests were mostly inhabited by two Families: Wind Guardians and Jungle Troopers. A Digimon looking like a big talking tree named Treemon was the current owner of the Wind Guardians V-Tag, and he saw how the Nightmare Soldiers were approaching his territory. He wasn't afraid of them, since he was old and wise enough to understand what Digimon like them desired. He approached Piemon and said how the forbidden power Piemon was using could one day to be his own doom if someone would ever defeat him. Piemon knew the consequences, but thought he would have nothing to fear if he would remain unchallengeable.

Confronting Nigel and Piemon

On the next training session, Vince and Riley arrived into forests only to see it under attack. They ran into the place where they met Jiro and Gomamon again. Last time Vince had seen them to step into another portal than the one that took Vince and Veemon back to Detroit. Jiro explained that the portal he stepped in took him back into Okinawa. He had just found a way to return to the Digital Wilds in order to get Gomamon back home and get himself out of the war about the V-Tags. Now they needed to go and prevent Piemon from having a third V-Tag for himself.

Meanwhile, Treemon was badly wounded by Piemon's attacks. Piemon saw the dark green V-Tag with text "Treemon. Wind Guardians. V-Tag." hidden under Treemon's bark. He planned to take it before killing Treemon, but Veedramon and Gomamon went between them. Vince, Riley and Jiro arrived and told Piemon stay away from Treemon and Nigel to stop being part of the violence. Nigel refused, stating that he will be stronger than anyone in everything that requires power. This black Digivice was pulsing black energy, with Veedramon realizing that it's not only different from other Digivices, but also a focal point of Piemon's energy along with the two V-Tags he possessed. Treemon told Gomamon to take the Wind Guardians V-Tag to safety, since Piemon can't become its new owner if doesn't have it before giving the finishing blow to its previous owner. And he reveals the Dark Craters being where Piemon made himself so powerful as well as the reason why Piemon can't claim ownerships of any V-Tag without killing the previous owners.

Both Veedramon and Gomamon are furious about the revelation and deem Piemon a cheater. Piemon, however, no longer cares about rules, and uses the energy of the Dark Crater inside him more powerful. Then, a portal suddenly appears, and Vince hears the same voice he once heard in his dream. It tells them to come into a place where they can defeat Piemon once and for all. Treemon was the only one heard the voice and told Vince to follow it. Vince and his friends jump into it, with Nigel and Piemon deciding to follow them.

Meeting HolyAngemon and Whamon

Vince and his friends arrived into the sea coast. Gomamon recognized the place. It was the place where he met his mentor Whamon for the first time. And the white hooded being came before them and told how Vince had answered to his call. He revealed himself as HolyAngemon, owner of the Virus Busters V-Tag. Vince asked if he was the one who gave him and Jiro their Digivices. HolyAngemon admitted it was true, but he was not the one who created them. He was simply asked to send them to their determined owners in orders to have something to ensure that one day all V-Tags will be gathered together with help from humans. Even though he couldn't have full contact to other worlds in the Digiversum, he knew how one year before that there was activity from the Digital Middle World affecting the real world. Riley remembered how a mysterious creature causing electrical disturbances was reported to have appeared in New York back then.

Piemon, however, came and wasn't surprised that HolyAngemon and ones like him had tried to sabotage his plans. HolyAngemon said he couldn't force the other Digimon of the Digital Wilds to give up their lifestyles as solving arguments from resources and ownerships of the V-Tags by through battling, but he refused to let Piemon's power-hungry attitude from endangering the future. Piemon prepared fight the Digimon he considered his rival in order to get rid everyone who possesses a threat to him. But then, something rose from the sea. It was Whamon, Gomamon's mentor, who came to help his friends and allies. Piemon mocked Whamon who was bigger but also more vulnerable. Since Gomamon was definitely weaker, Piemon decided to deal with Whamon first. Jiro and Gomamon wanted to stop Piemon, but HolyAngemon said this was what Whamon wanted.

Soon, Whamon, mortally wounded by Piemon, was lying on the coast. Gomamon could understand its communication methods and realized that he and Jiro were now the new owners of the Deep Savers V-Tag. Piemon laughed, thinking, he now had easier chance to get that along with the Nature Spirits V-Tag. Vince and Jiro didn't want to let it happen and decided to face Piemon once and for all. Piemon decided to face them with his full strength and then he started to dissolve Nigel's Digivice. Nigel realized that Piemon was trying to betray him, with Piemon responding that how his strength was both in his body and mind, but Nigel had no strength in his mind.

Piemon's last match

Before Vince, Jiro, Veedramon and Gomamon were about to start the decisive match against Piemon, HolyAngemon told them that the Digivice was more than just a sign of a Tamer as well a tool for traveling between worlds. It was also what allowed Digimon to temporarily evolve into higher levels through energy of human hearts instead of food, training and sleep. Jiro thought if it would make Gomamon evolve, but nothing happened. Then Piemon threatened to throw Jiro into the sea to drown, but then the Digivice activated and Gomamon evolved into Ikkakumon, a horned walrus-like Digimon. Two Champion Level Digimon were still badly outmatched against a Mega Level Digimon, despite their effective techniques. They were able to see where Piemon was throwing their swords, but they still had to critically hit against their opponent.

Nigel was disappointed how his own Digimon turned against him, but Riley said that Piemon was never his partner. She now had the courage to talk against her own brother and ask him why he was bullying everyone and acting so mighty. Nigel had been excellent at sports ever since he was in elementary school, and he rarely lost a game. Therefore, he had been under belief that everyone else who lost to him deserved to be humiliated for daring to challenge someone they couldn't win. Nigel had been good at keeping this as a secret and even talk himself out of any accusations, but he failed when he thought he could use Piemon to portray himself as a strongest person ever to train a Digimon. Riley told him that that one loss never means so much. Since Vince and Veedramon had been training and was not more athletic and stronger person. Nigel admitted that he knew it all along, but was too proud to admit it. He then sincerely wished that Vince would succeed in defeating Piemon.

But after a while, Veedramon and Ikkakumon were almost tired and would be defeated by Piemon anytime soon. Vince refused to give up. He knew that Piemon's trust was more in additional powers and unfair tricks more than patiently training himself. But before Piemon could strike Veedramon again, HolyAngemon decided to use his own powers to weaken Piemon's connection to the energy of the Dark Craters. Veedramon saw the V-Tags of Nightare Soldiers and Metal Empire embedded into Piemon's chest. He tried to reach them, but prevented by Piemon from doing so. Vince went to help his Partner Digimon and his Digivice started to glow. Veedramon started to glow too and soon, he evolved into his Ultimate form: AeroVeedramon. Vince was amazed to see his Veedramon having evolved once again and cheered on him. Piemon was furious and tried to attack AeroVeedramon. But despite his level, AeroVeedramon was powerful opponent against the Mega Level Digimon. After few failed attempts, AeroVeedramon reached Piemon's chest and told him how HolyAngemon's interruption and the loss the V-Tags was no longer unfair against a cheater like him. He took the two V-Tags out of Piemon's chest and then Piemon started to lose some of his energy. First, he degenerated to his Ultimate form Phantomon, a hooded ghost-like Digimon with a scythe. Phantomon tried to attack, but his scythe was easily broken by AeroVeedramon, causing Phantomon to degenerate into Bakemon. Bakemon was now paralyzed in fear, since his bond with the Dark Craters required a payment if he would ever degenerate back into his Champion form. Bakemon's body started to dissolve and it was drained into a Dark Crater nearby. But then, HolyAngemon used his powers as well as Vince and Jiro their Digivices which purified the Crater. The match was over. Vince took the V-Tags of Nightmare Soldiers and Metal Empire to his hands. Since Piemon was no more and the Nightmare Soldiers didn't want to fight anymore, Vince had become their owner, having now three V-Tags.

Starting a new path

Few days later, in the real world, Vince and Riley were talking about the future of the V-Tags. HolyAngemon had told them that the one who collect all V-Tags would hold the future of the Digital Wilds in his hands. Each Tag was given to powerful representative of one Digimon Family. Nature Spirits, Jungle Troopers and Dragon's Roar had lost their own tags into unknown places, until Veedramon had found the V-Tag of Nature Spirits. And now they had won V-Tags of Nightmare Soldiers and Metal Empire for themselves. But Vince decided not to seek the rest for himself just yet. He wanted their respective owners to train into their most powerful forms as well, but not because he liked violence. He simply wanted it to be a fair sport where no one would be badly hurt and honor of a fighter would be more important.

Nigel had admitted his bad behavior to the teachers of his school and no other bully threatened to act inside school after Nigel's change of heart. Jiro had returned to Okinawa and resumed his studies with Gomamon convincing the remaining Deep Savers not to fall into any similar traps than the Gizamon did. Treemon gained back the Wind Guardians V-Tag and started to send his allies to find more information about the locations of lost V-Tags.

When Vince was alone in the streets, another person started to irritate him, but Vince was no longer intimidated by such behavior. He simply walked away and decided to go somewhere else. He called his parents he would come home later, but arrived home earlier in secret so he could avoid worrying his parents once again by disappearing in there why he would go into the Digital Wilds once again. He was met by Veedramon and they prepared for training once more.

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega
  • Vincent "Vince" Haldman (4)
  • Nigel Adams (5)
  • Riley Adams (6)
  • Vince's mother (11)
  • Vince's father (12)
  • Jiro Ichida (15)


  • The main focuses of the film are Vince becoming a Tamer and more athletic person as well as learning true of the meaning of true sporting spirit.
  • Having Gomamon appear in the film was inspired by Gon, a character from Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01.
  • Nigel and Riley Adams are partly inspired by Neo Saiba and Rei Saiba from Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01, but they have several differences:
    • Rei is paralyzed and is the reason Neo wanted to take over the Digital World, but Riley was completely healthy and Nigel's motive was simply to show him being the strongest.
    • Rei and Neo had a close relationship, but Riley was sometimes threatened by Nigel not to expose some of his bullying activities in the real world.
    • Nigel has only one Partner, Piemon, while Neo has six Partners during the story of Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01.
    • Alias III doesn't exist in the Digiversum to assist Nigel.
  • The idea of making of Piemon the antagonist of the film was inspired by a version of Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 who appeared as Sigma's partner. But in this film, Piemon appears to be using Nigel Adams, a character partly inspired by Neo Saiba, as a pawn of his plan.
  • The film includes one easter egg from Digimon when Vince remembers hearing about of Morrismon's rampage in New York.



A sequel to V-Tamer was announced in July 21, 2016, and it was planned to be the fifth installment of the Digiversum, after Spirit Frontier and Digimon 2. Vince Haldman, Jiro Ichida, Veemon/Veedramon, Gomamon and Riley Adams returned, with Arkadimon, a familiar Digimon from Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 appearing as the main antagonist. When V-Tamer was released, title of the sequel was revealed to be V-Tamer: 2nd Round and the film was released in November 22, 2016.