(Invader Tyranomon インベーダーティラノモン)
Level Mega
Type Invader
Attribute Virus
Family Dragon's Roar

Nature Spirits

Prior forms SkullTyranomon MysticDentimon

VadeTyrannomon is an Invader Digimon whose English name is derived from "Invader" and "Tyrannomon" and whose Japanese name is derived from "Invader Tyrannomon (インベーダーティラノモン)". Its design is very similar to Tyrannomon, but with a visor over its eyes and significantly smaller hands, and a purple tinted body. It is an extra terrestrial Digimon that is believed to have come from an alternate dimension of the current Digital World. It is also said that the first VadeTyrannomon came on a trip to study the Digital World of a different dimension, but one of its teeth fell out and the fallen tooth was incarnated as the first Dentimon. It uses its visor over its eyes to immobilize prey and enemies with its radar vision, as well as a Mega Launcher equipped on its back.


  • Omega Glare: Glares at the target with dangerous rays at varying wavelengths; giving it severe radiation and paralyzing their brain temporarily.
  • Alpha Blast: Launches a super heated ball of fire from the cannon on its back.