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Glory (Valdurmon)
(栄光 (ヴァロドゥルモン))
Varodurumon b
Appears in:Digimon Re: Story
RookieDot Falcomon

Glory is one of Enju's more mysterious Digimon. Unlike Prophet, Glory is forever surrounded by mystery. First discovered by Enju when entering a secret password into the tamer database, she received Scan Data for Dot Falcomon immediately afterwards. Once he had arrived, Glory did not so much as speak to the rest of the Digimon in the DigiFarm at all. Sheriff tried to get him to speak by politely asking, and so did Flare, even if the latter did threaten Glory once he had begun to freak her out by that point. Not long after Enju is promoted to a Silver Tamer, the first thing she does with the ability to now degenerate her Digimon is to degenerate Glory all the way down to Fresh Level, and then proceed to train him back from the ground up and see what he turned out to be from there. Having been reverted back to Puwamon, and then escalating quickly towards Pinamon, Falcomon, Diatrymon, and then Yatagaramon in what appeared to be no time at all, Sheriff was convinced that Glory had a secret ability, and thus asked for Enju to degenerate him into Tokomon so he could try and evolve into Dot Falcomon to discover what Glory's secret is. After having evolved into Dot Falcomon, and then degenerated and grown back into HolyAngemon in even less time than it took the first time, Sheriff could only deduce that the mysterious "Dot" Digimon had a special ability that, if acquired, could provide many, powerful benefits to the wielder. Despite all of this, however, Glory has yet to actually speak... until another Digimon in Enju's team suggested what the problem might've been.

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