Angemon b
Level Ultimate
Type Angel
Attribute Vaccine
Prior forms Gatomon
Partners Kari Kamiya

Believing that you could understand, Gatomon was male, and Patamon, female, so surely on in this, this is Gatomon's ultimate digivolution, that this surest force taken back, on in this life, surely taken back, this world, back taken back taken, this world, this ordering, against this other course, these worlds, collided, this world, taken over, this lifestream! This world surely this world here at large, this ultimate digimon's image was used to illustrate Angemon, instead, and Angemon's real image was used for Valkyriemon, whom they renamed Angewomon.

This is from a fan based alternate narrative online,

Seen also, under Valkyriemon

The Group of Digimon that Protects the Digital World from Apocalymon (Adventure) and Lucemon (Frontier).


Leader- Fan:Kaedemon

Commander- Fan:Nomon

Ensign- Fan:Ankomon

Ensign- Fan:Yumon