Varimon Description

Varimon is a fanmade Digimon. It's type is also fanmade, being a Magic or Psychic type. It is based upon a mouse, though standing upright, and has a purple body with hot pink arms and lighter pink legs. It's tail and head are also hot pink. It has blue eye irises, as well as 2 extra eyes, one on its forehead, and one on its tail, both having magenta irises. It has a medium pink ( same as its legs ) truffle collar around its neck, and a set of 3 whiskers on each cheek. It has very rounded hot pink ears, which can be charged with power to use the ' Eerie Ear Cut ' attack. It is a very odd Digimon, as they have unknown power sources and seem to be very intelligent and know almost everything about the Digimon World. The eye on its forehead seems to be one of the places it launches psychic power from, and brings magical strength from the mind. The eye on it's tail does the same, but brings magical powers from general physical strength instead. These aren't actual eyes; they represent the psychic power Varimon has. They are social and like to talk to others about their wealth of knowledge. Whilist it doesn't seem like a ' Combat Species ' Digimon, it has a great combination of brains and brawn, making it very well suited for a battle. It has a rival called Malchiamon, which are flirty electric-attributed Digimon that tend to get in the way of Varimon.

Info Table

Name: Varimon

Level: Rookie

Type: Magic ( Psychic )

Attributes: Data, Free

Family: D-Reaper Zone

Prior Forms: Unknown

Next Forms: Yidenkamon

Digifuse Forms: Colodamon ( With Creanmon ), Stormetlamon ( With Malchiamon ), Martialmon ( With Genjimon )

Partner(s): Lillian Morocce

Variations: Sayemon, Hanimon, Magemon


Psybeam: Launches a magical beam from the forehead and tail eyes.

Eerie Ear Cut: Charges its ears with psychic power, then tackles.

Miracle Eye: Uses the eye on its tail to observe its surroundings.


  • Varimon's name is a combination of ' virus ' and ' vaccine ', as well as a slight corruption of ' neuron ' ( types

of brain cells )

  • Varimon was inspired by Miriel from the game Fire Emblem: Awakening exclusively for the 3DS.
  • Varimon being a mouse is actually a reference to a book called ' Flowers for Algernon ', a book about a scientifically-made intelligent mouse used for testing at a science lab.
  • Varimon was originally also going to be a part of the ' Deep Savers ' family, but this idea was later dropped.

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