(血液の主 Varlmon)
Level Rookie
Type Warrior Digimon
Demon Man
Attribute Virus
Family Metal Empire
Prior forms Fan:Varl
Next forms Fan:BallVarlmon
Partners None yet
Varlmon is an amazing and awesome in power digimon, he had an urge for blood and sometimes loses his mind only wanting to kill and rip into the flesh of other digimon and tamers. He appears as a human but he can transform into a demon like human figured creature with claws like Leomons.

he lives in the real world and he devours the flesh of humans and any other creature to pass him when he loses his mind, although he isn't pure evil, he just looses his sense at the smell of flesh and the sight of blood only wanting death and to taste the flesh of others around him. He is one of the strongest in rookie level. He loves blood more then anything else.

The Story

Varlmon, was born in Palletown, and left for Vinegar town! Where he grew some balls and turned into BallVarlmon, he met Gengarmon who said lets do the hooola doola, after doing the hooola doola BallVarlmon reverted back into Varl, Varl had no life left so he decided to change universes and go to lavander town, in lavender town he went into the ghosts tower place that pisses everyone off and asked the ghost Marrowack to turn hime back into BallVarlmon so the ghost Marrowack shack Varl in the face with a paddle, the same paddle that the ghost used to spank its special patners, and Varl turned back into BallVarlmon, from that day forth BallVarlmon swore vangence on Gengarmon, but due to the fact he was in the universe of pokemon not DigiPokemon there was no Gangarmon left so he succeeded!

File:Me with collar.jpg


  • Fierce Claws:Varlmon's nails extend and become as sharp as razors appearing as Leomons as Varlmon's nails being so strong they can cut threw stone
  • Bloody Tornado: Spins at tremendous speed like a tornado and shreds everything that enters or gets close to it the blood is picked up by the rushing air and follows Varlmon while he is in the Bloody Tornado
  • Blood Fang: Lunges at enemies with his Blood Fangs slicing right threw enemy digimons flesh and any other creature in its path.
  • Speed Burst: Moves just under the speed of sound and can dodge almost anything but he can only preform this if he's sighted blood or can smell flesh.