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Veedramon is a Digimon character in « Digimon : The Golden Digivice ».

(ブイドラモン V-dramon)
Veedramon b
Appears in:The Golden Digivice
First appearance Meeting With The Master ! [04]
Partner(s):Golden Fox
Gender Male
Known relatives Veemon (Son)
Flamedramon (Wife)
Magnamon (Brother-in-law)
GoldVeedramon (Father-in-law)


Veedramon is a Champion Digimon with a nice, kind, generous and courteous personnality. He is Pandamon's best friend, they did their life together as brothers until Veedramon decides to live in Angel Village. When he learned that Pandamon was chosen to go to the Real World, he and his son, Veemon went to join with him. Many years before the beginning of the story, Veedramon and his best friend and travelling compagnion Pandamon arrived to Angel Village. In that city, Veedramon met a young beautiful girl, Flamedramon. Under the influence of love, he decided to stay in Angel Village to live with her. Pandamon then left the city, but lonely. A few months later was born Chibomon, who in a few years became DemiVeemon then Veemon.


  • V-Nova Blast: Spits a high-temperature heat ray from its mouth.
  • V-Breath Arrow MAX: Concentrates its energy into a giant V-Nova Blast.
  • Hammer Punch: Powers up its fist and launches a punch at the enemy.
  • Magnum Punch: Punches an enemy.
  • Cutting Shoot: Uses its claws to create multiple flying blades of wind.

Other Forms

In The Golden Digivice, Veedramon raises several forms, in spite of his Champion form is the one that he sets mostly.


Botamon t


Botamon is Veedramon's Fresh form. He resumed to this form the first time he took his Ultimate form.


  • Bubble Blow: Produces bubble-like objects from its mouth to intimidate the opponent.


AeroVeedramon b


AeroVeedramon is Veedramon's Ultimate form. He is colder than Veedramon.


  • V-Wing Blade: Forms a V-shaped energy substance that seems to connect the horn on its snout to the edges of its wings, then soars towards the opponent. Although it cuts the opponent to pieces with the blades of its wings, its weakness is that the technique cannot be used if it is not in flight.
  • Dragon Impulse: Launches a shockwave which has the appearance of a dragon.
  • V-Breath Arrow: Shoots out a V-shaped heat beam that burns an enemy into a crisp in a second.
  • Magnum Crasher: Punches the foe with a fist of glowing energy.
  • Wind Guardian: Uses wings to call a flurry of winds that create a wind barrier.
  • Twister Saber: Charges up blades on arms with energy and then releases it in cutting waves.


UlforceVeedramon b


UlforceVeedramon is Veedramon's Mega form. He is more chivalrous than Veedramon.


  • The Ray of Victory: Strafes with a beam from the "V"-shaped armor on its chest.
  • Ulforce Saber: Attacks using the saber that extends from its right V-Bracelet.
  • Tensegrity Shield: Releases holy aura from its left V-Bracelet which becomes a barrier.
  • Dragon Impulse X: Covers self in the aura of a dragon and slashes through the enemy.

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