Gatomon + ExVeemon
Type (Ja:) Beast Man Digimon
(En:) Dragon Man
Attribute Data
Family Wind Guardians
Metal Empire
Prior forms ExVeemon + Gatomon

Vegatexmon is an Dragon Man Digimon. He is the Ultimate form of the Veemon line, being the DNA Digivolved form of ExVeemon and Gatomon, combining the features and attributes of a Dragon type Digimon with that of a Beast type. Some of Vegatexmon's recognizable parts are Gatomon's ears and paw and ring on arms and ExVeemon's wing-top scales on the arms and legs.


  • Gold hit: hits without touch the opponent ,releasing his giant bracelet which after hit the opponent, it returns back to his right arm. This is involuntary since Exgaveemon cant control the ring after it leaves his arm

  • Thunder G: Takes off his glasses and releases a powerful purple colored thunder which gets the oponent confused

  • Fury X: Runs at high speeds and grabs the opponent with his claws and then slash the oponent two times to form a triple and deep "X", this attack can be also done while flying in the air instead of running

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