Level Champion
Type Dinosaur
Attribute Virus
Family Jungle Trooper
Prior forms Fan:Dinomon
Next forms Fan:MegaVelocimon

Velocimon is a Dinosaur digimon whose named is derived from "Velociraptor". It is one of the most lethal champion level digimon with razor sharp claws and teeth. It also has a long, tough tail, and an insatiable appetite for both food and battle. It has a walking speed of 8 miles per hour and a sprinting speed of 50 miles per hour and will not hesitate to sprint towards a foe or a possible meal, especially with its sharp eyesight.


Lightning Slash: Slashes its enemy with its claws at full speed.

Ferocious Bite: Bites its victim with its sharp teeth.

Finishing Whip: Knocks its opponent out with a whip of its tail.

Alternate Form

Level Champion
Type Dinosaur
Attribute Vaccine
Prior forms Fan:Raptormon

This surest form, this world inside, this world, belied, this champion class digimon, this yellow and red or red and blue dinosaur, this high breed velociraptor, this world ordering, this digimon stands higher than most humans, but has t he leathe body of a velociraptor not, but Velocimon, an ancient digimon interface program, developed to engage with dinorider technology, from ancient times, so as to know and access the digital world back in time, for when Gabumon created the digital world, it existed as a world and as such, for all time, and so as it moved back in time, new digital devices sprang up in th past, and thus were the dino rider kingdoms founded, not existing until this digital world had but then existing for all time...

this form only appears in Digimon Legacies, as of yet, still