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VenoCatmon is a Beast Man Digimon whose name is derived from "veno" (short for venom) and "cat" and whose design and personality is derived from the fictional cat Janga ,it was created in a infected game disc in a computer, VenoCatmon's personality is very detestable, it is foul-mouthed, alcoholic, rude, agressive and crazy, although its of the mega level, its also a cowardly Digimon who will run off when it sees it met its match, it is by no means a digimon to be respected, as it is a betrayer agaisnt its own team, but VenoCatmon is highly inteligent, as it can take advantage of the situation or someone weakness/weak point, whenever it sneers, it snickers in its signature laugh "Kishishishi".

Its weapons are their wine colored claws in place of hands, that injects a deadly poison to whoever it slashes or pierces its claws with(Hence the title Poison Claws). It is extremely agile, easily dodging gunfire, it also can create copies of itself.


  • Poison Slash:Slashes the opponent and then injects the poison.
  • Poison Stab:Pierces its claws at the opponent and injects a poison.
  • Scissor Clone:Create a copy of itself and gives two hits with its claws.
  • Poison Tornado:Starts to spin like a tornado and give several slashes.
  • Beat up of Death:Create multiples copies of itself and give the opponent multiple slashes, killing it in 10 seconds due of too much poison.

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