"Nothing like Nature, right Fumio?" Clearly, Fumio was upset. As Haruo knew, Fumio wouldn't put away his laptop. Haruo, being his younger brother, would always pester Fumio to play with him. At least Mizuki, thir neighbor, would play with him, but she was a girl, and Haruo HATED girls. And worse, since Mizuki was in 4th grade like Haruo, Fumio would tease Haruo, since it was clear that Mizuki loved him.

The three of them were doing their own things. Fumio to his gadgets, Mizuki to her Kendo stick, and Haruo to his fishing pole. It was an average spring day for them... other than the fact of no school. Recently, the area around the school has been so windy, walls have crumbled beneath the gusts. Haruo siezed the opportunity to go fishing gladly.

However, as they did not yet know, the wind was coming toward them. It was a Digital Gust, an anomaly that causes any computers or electronics nearby to morph into Digimon or Digivices. And of course, it hit Fumio's gadgets. His computer becoming... a digi-egg. Same with Haruo's camera, and Mizuki's MP3. And soon enough, they hatched. And thank goodness Fumio knew enough about digimon, (being a die-hard fan of it,)to explain what was going on. And rather quickly, everyone got the concept. And even sooner, the Digital Gust must have affected a submerged phone in the lake, because rising from the water was... Sandiramon.

The eggs hatched, but the forms from it were only fresh, and were fighting an ultimate level. These digimon were:

Breezmon (Haruo's)

Chizelmon (Fumio's)

Mokumon (Mizuki's)

TBC... but if you want a spoiler, i'll mention... "Supreme Digivolution."

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