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Level Rookie
Type Mini Dragon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nature Spirits
Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Fan:DemiVeriomon
Next forms Fan:ExVeriomon

Veriomon is a Dragon Digimon whose name and design are derived from the letter "V". It is a new species of Digimon that was discovered recently. As a survivor of a species that flourished in the Genesis of the Digital World.Among others, Veriomon is an excellent Combat Species, as it possesses hidden power, and demonstrates tremendous abilities.


  • Vee Punch (ブンブンパンチ Bunbun Punch?, lit. "Buzzing Punch"): Swings both of its arms in circles, striking the opponent.
  • Vee Headbutt (V-mon Head): Knocks down the opponent with an intense headbutt.
  • Hopping Kick
  • V-mon Cluster Head
  • Long Sword"Long Sword" is the name of the sword wielded on Bo-2dw and Veriomon's starter weapon in Digimon World 4.</ref>

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