Vincent "Ven" Long
Digivice(s):Violet and Red Data Link Digivice with a Black ring and a Dark Purple Screen
Grey and Gold Digivice Burst with a Dark Purple Screen
Age 16-17
Grade 11th
Gender Male
Known relatives Gen Long (Father)
Allie Long (Mother)
Dalila Long (Twin Sister)
Nationality Half-Chinese Half-Amarican
Occupation Student
File:Data Link Digivice VIII.png


Ven is a timid and peaceful guy who will fight if he has to.

Meeting His Digimon

As his friends Blain, Rei, and Zane went to the school's computer lab he followed them to see what they were doing. When he was at the door the Data Link Digivice in his backpack started flashing very brightly, and so did the computer his friends were using. Before anyone knew what was happening a digi-egg came out of the computer and shoot towards the door. All three of them saw a bright flash of light outside the door. The egg hatched just as it left the computer. The digimon that cam out of the egg was Dodomon. Dodomon floated into Ven's arms. Immediately after seeing Ven's face Dodomon digivolved to Dorimon. Later that day when Ven and Dorimon were invited to go to the Digital World, and accepted, Dorimon digivolved to Dorumon.

First Time Digivolving

Several days after going to the Digital World for the first time Ven and Dorumon were attacked by Leomon. Dorumon Tried to protect Ven from Leomon, But Leomon was to strong. Ven, wishing and hoping for a way to help Dorumon, notice that his DNA Charge was glowing. He grabbed his digivice and touched the top of it with his DNA Charge. At that moment, Dorumon digivolved to Dorugamon and turned Leomon into a digi-egg.

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