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Vincent is the only one of the seven digidestined not to be brought to the Digital World by a digimon. He is partnered with Tsukaimon.


Upon arriving in the Digital World he is attacked by ShadowLeomon. When Vincent calls out for help his phone turns into a D-Tector and he gets the Spirits of Steel. Vincent spirit evolves into Mercurymon but is easily defeated and ShadowLeomon Steals his H and B spirits. Before he is able to capture Vincent Tsukaimon shows up with a Data Link Digivice. Upon seeing the digivice ShadowLeomon retreats. Vincent is the first digidestined to access his D.N.A charge and digivolve Tsukaimon to his champion level.


Vincent is only the name of his human form. Through out the series he digivolves into multible other forms.


Mercurymon t


Mercurymon is Vincent's evolution using the H-Spirit of Steel. He battles ShadowLeomon in this form but he is defeated. This is Vincent's most used Digimon form.


  • Dark Reflection (Generous Mirror): Uses the reflection of an opponent in the "Irony no Tate" to reflect an attack.
  • Dark Reflection (Offset Reflector): Absorbs projectiles in one "Irony no Tate" and releases a dark version through the other.


Sakkakumon t


Sakkaumon is Vincent's evolution using the B-Spirit of Steel. This is Vincent's least used Digimon form


  • Rumble Blend #1-10: Rearranges body to absorb and/or fire back elemental attacks. It can only perform this move on attacks of a single element; attacks of multiple elements are unable to be absorbed.


ShadowSeraphimon t


ShadowSeraphimon is Vincent's fusion evolution. This form is given to him as a gift from Seraphimon.


  • Strike of the Seven Dark Stars: Fires seven spheres of dark energy which can coalesce into a pyre of energy in a dark version of Seraphimon's Strike of the Seven Stars.
  • Shadow Starburst (Testament): Calls lightning to race across body while clutching foe.
  • Shadow Shockwave: Flicks hand to release an invisible shockwave.

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