Level No Level
Type Unidentified Digimon
Prior forms Diaboromon
Next forms Viralmon Reaper Mode

Viralmon is a Digimon whose name is derived from Viral. Due to their similar appearance, Viralmon is often regarded as a relative to Argomon. Viralmon bears a hard sturdy "shell" on its body, back, legs, head, and face. Its face is more bulkier than Argomon and similar to Diaboromon. Unlike Argomon, Viralmon's arms are the chains of balls with a hands with five red claws. Its body is covered in DarkKnightmon-style armor with a snake/skull-shaped chest-plate.


  • Annihilation Line: Fires a green beam from the eyes on its chest.
  • Bale-fire Phase: Releases its fathomless power from the green eyes in its chest, transforming all of its surroundings into nothingness.
  • Reaper Snatcher: Uses its tentacles to constrict the opponent's powers and completely restrict their movement.