(ウイルスのヴァンデモン VirusVamdemon)
Level Mega x7
Type Demon
Attribute Virus
Family Unknown
Nightmare soldiers
Prior forms Myotismon VenomMyotismon

Viralmyotismon is a Demon Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Viral Myotismon". Myotismon's lust for power and quest revenge on the digidestined could never be truly destroyed. In the dark core of the digitial world it lay and grew until myotismon could be revived as Yosoyvampiromon, after revealing himself to the digidestined, he revealed his new form by hyper digivolving to the first of the viral vampire demon species -Viralmyotismon, ruler of all Darkness. He bears a strong resemblance to venonmmyotismon but is much smaller in size, his eye's are blue like myotismons and his mask is torn and shredded in rage (during his digitalevolvution to this form). Despite his wild appearance he is capable of maintaining the intelligence of myotismon, while maintaining the power, hunger and aggression of venommyotismon. It was prophesied his formation would come, lost to time the prophesy could not begin to describe the sheer horror and power of this unholiest of digimon. Thankfully the prophesy spoke of another of pure light capable of equaling the dark lord in battle. He attacks using his interdenominational claws, filled with the dark poison of the virus type.


  • Viral Infusion: Attacks with powerful lasers from eye's and abdomen
  • Viral reaper: Slashes and tears at the opponent with powerful claws capable of interdenominational attacks
  • Blood reaper: attacks with a fury of melting blood, capable of melting anything weaker than Viralmyotismon in an instant