Virgil Makico
Appears in:Digimon Fusion
First appearance Shoutmon Appears!
Last appearance Shoutmon Evolves!
Age 13
Date of birth January 21, 2000
Grade 7th
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese
Occupation DigiDestined

Virgil is a fictional character in Digimon Fusion.

He can be said curious, fun loving, drawn in, and excitable. He wears a blue shirt, black vest, cargo shorts, and as always googles. He is a member of the new DigiDestined, and as always the person with googles, he is the leader.


Into the Digital World Saga

He, Kanani, and Regi are drawn into the Digital World.

Meeting Shoutmon

Main Article: Shoutmon Appears!

On a hot day in Tokyo, he, Regi, and Kanani all desided to go to the park, to cool off. Suddenly as the heat got to them, snow started falling, an effect of a SnowAgumon entering the real world. An avalanche suddenly roared off a nearby build and they investigated. Virgil finds a Shoutmon and a Gumdramon, who said they where his partners, and they where Digimon. Then they went to the roof of the building where SnowAgumon was escaping through a portal. Shoutmon, and Gumdramon chased him through the portal. Though the vacuum caused by the closing portal sucked in Virgil to the Digital World, where he witnessed Shoutmon, defeating SnowAgumon. He noticed a Digivice around his neck.

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