Virus Tamers

The Virus tamers are Tamers who can prove that not all virus digimon are evil like Colin's Mushroomon, Kenny's BlackAgumon and Cindy's Tsukaimon.They are rivals and good friends with the Chosen Heroes, The main characters of the series. Unlike the Chosen Heroes, They can only DigiXros with other Xros Loader Wielders

How Colin met Mushroomon

It was Colin's science class and they were experimenting with fungus when Jerry dropped his mobile into a pool of fungus. Colin was dragged into the Digital World where they met face to face. Colin was terrified at the sight of Mushroomon. As Mushroomon said goodbye to Colin, Back in science class a glow rose from the fungus. It was a purple Xros Loader. After school Colin was dragged into the Digital World by Betsumon, Only to be destroyed by a newly digivolved Woodmon.

How Kenny met BlackAgumon

Kenny was really agitated when his mobile refused to turn on. Kenny started to go in a temper when he fell through a portal to the Digital World. Pagumon said he also dragged another student. Kenny slapped Pagumon and Pagumon reincarnated to BlackAgumon.

How Cindy met Tsukaimon is unknown. She had her before the series began.


Colin Kapler and Mushroomon Colin is usually reckless and a bit of a idiot. Mushroomon loves candy and for some reason adore's Colin's mum's Mushroom Soup. He tends to Digivolve without the Digivice.

Kenny Jones and BlackAgumon Kenny is calm but needs a lid for his temper. BlackAgumon is a bit thick but overpowered for a rookie.

Cindy Smith and Tsukaimon Cindy is sweet and both Colin and Kenny have a crush on her but she is more affectionate to Colin. Tsukaimon is cheery and gets along with everyone and does her best to defend Cindy.


Harold Jones and Sethmon Harold is Kenny's twin brother except he has an opposite personality and gets along with Colin. Sethmon is Harold's Digimon. Nothing much is known because he usually stays in the Digivice.

Ben Kapler and IceDevimon Ben is Colin's little brother. Nothing much is known about him because He went to the Digital world with IceDevimon to have an Adventure. IceDevimon used to be evil until Woodmon pinned him to the ground and took the evil data out of him.

Stingmon Stingmon helped the DigiDestined and their allies to try and stop Volcanomon only to be destroyed by DarkTyrannomon.

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