Level Champion
Type Beast Man
Attribute Data
Family Nature Spirits
Prior forms Renamon
Next forms Sakuramon

Volpemon is an alternate digivolution for Renamon, and emphasizes more on speed than mystical prowess. It wears a bandanna around its head and carries a large shuriken, which it can transform into various other ninja weapons. It is said that Volpemon has the ability to come back from the dead, and to walk on water.


Volpemon has gold fur, with the exception of its belly, which is a white/cream color. It has black rings around its eyes, and a navy blue bandanna on it its head. The large shuriken it carries around is black, and the cargo vest it wears is dark green, with many pockets.


  • Shuriken Storm - Transforms its giant shuriken into tens of smaller ones and hurls them at its opponent
  • Windmill of Sorrow - Hurls the giant shuriken with deadly accuracy
  • Ninjutsu #26 - Creates many copies of itself, then transforms the giant shuriken it carries into tens of kunai knives and throws them at the opponent


  • The word "volpe" is Italian for "fox".