Vyod Mamoro

Voyd Mamoro Is the 4th Charecter Seen in the series and Voyd Brother I Heete. Voyd is seated Over 10 Worlds and is in charge of D.D.T.. Voyd has a calm Atitude and love to all about digital world. Unlike Sol Voyd anticipates his opponents moves before battle and refers to Sol has is main study. Voyds Digimon is IceLeomon And the two seem never disagree. Voy can turn into VoydIceLeomon


Fist of the Frost Beast King- Creates a Fr

ozen Lion Head

Frozen Roar- Creates a roar of ice

Glacier Freeze- Creates a giant glacier able to hit multipe oppnent

Fist of the Immortal Beast- VoydIceLeomon Ultamate Attack combined with Fist of the Beast King creat a giant blue flammed Lion head able to burn and freeze multiple oppnent at the same time

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