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Level Ultimate
Type Cyborg
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar
Next forms Sparrowdramon (w/ Sparrowmon)
Partners Nene Amano

Vulcadramon is a legendary digimon which was born from a human's spirits. It was told that it have gold colour armor. Like Sparrowmon it also have an amazing speed. The legend has told Vulcadramon will be reborn if a human put his/her Xros Loader on Vulcadramon secret place on the ancient ruins of Digital World.


  • Vulcan Missile: Shoot some missiles from it's body.
  • Golden Legend: It's body shines and give some power and health to it's teammates.
  • Armor Open: Vulcadramon open it's armor and raise attacks drastically.
  • Nature Change: Vulcadramon's body change colour and it's element power.
  • Elemental Tornado: Vulcadramon spin and unleash tornado which was based on what element Vulcadramon use that time.

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