Level Mega
Type Fairy
Attribute Vaccine
Family Jungle Troopers
Prior forms Noliamon
Partners Hisui "Hazel" Kawari

Walimon is the Mega form of Lavenmon.She is very graceful,& every attack Walimon uses puts her enemies into a trance.Walimon looks similar to Rosemon but w/out the cape & the thorned vines.Instead,Walimon has 3 large water lily petals on her back that she uses for flying & a flower staff used for attacking.Walimon's name derives from "water lily",a flower species similar to a lotus.


  • Water Wilt: Uses a small amount of water & a large amount of floral energy to destroy her enemies(combines them first).
  • Wali Note: Turns her staff into a harp & plays a tune that immediately mesmerizes the enemy.
  • Water Lily Wonder Beam: Turns her staff into a bow,&,instead of getting aimed,the arrow(that was supposed to be shot)disintegrates & a vertical line on the bow releases a beam of light packed w/ alot of energy.