Level Champion
Type Beast Digimon
Attribute Virus
Family Nature Spirit
Prior forms Kuinumon
Next forms Tikaanmon
Partners Yuki Tamashi

Waninumon is a fictional character created by Snowspirit, he is the champion level Digimon of a weakened Kuinumon It is normally the least used form due to the circumstances of the evolution.


In most basic words. It's a large wolf version of Kuinumon. He no longer has a basket of his '9erang' but has a pattern on his stomach shaped just like it. His markings on his limbs have become more flame shaped. The horns now curl down past his head and his facial marking is more jagged. His tail is no longer small, but now like a flame and covered in red fur. He also has a red mane and is (or course) much larger.

Abilities and powers

Waninumon is slighter less powerful than Kuinumon with his 9erang, and normaly digivolves into this form to make up for his lost power in tight places. His claws are larger and can be use for travel on his back.


  • ‘‘‘Emerald Flames”’ Breaths green fire from his mouth.
  • “’9-pulse”’ The pattern on his stomach glows as he fires sound waves from his mouth.
  • “’Flame Tail”’ He spins very fast, his tail burst alight that covers his whole body, he then rolls into the opponent.
  • “’Steel horns”’ He rams the foe horns first.