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Flare (WarGreymon)
(フレア (ウォーグレイモン))

WarGreymon (DR-S)

ChaosGreymon (Flare)

Appears in:Digimon Re: Story
RookieAgumon (2006 Anime)
Dot Agumon
BlackAgumon (2006 anime)
UltimateMetalGreymon (Vaccine)
MetalGreymon (Virus)
UltraOmegamon (w/ MetalGarurumon)

Flare is the Starter Digimon of the tamer known as Enju, and both of them together form the primary duo of Digimon and human lead protagonists respectively. Flare is often a confusing, but obedient to the end individual. Many people who know about a majority of species of Digimon would assume most of the ones that exist are a majority male orientated in regards to body structure. However, Flare is actually a female, which often is the bane of her existence if none of her allies even realize this fact. Often accompanied by Sheriff as her trusted ally on the field, she also holds an equally high regard towards the newcomer to the team once Enju is promoted to Silver Tamer. However, this feeling is not shared by the other Digimon under Enju's command; Prophet is often seen with a lot of dread by the Digimon when he starts off as a Pagumon, but even after proving himself as Antylamon, many fail to see why exactly Flare holds a lot of trust in Prophet when knowing Prophet could easily yet again fall down a dark path...


Truth and Ideals (ChaosGreymon Incident)

In Truth and Ideals, a Pokemon fanfic by Shiramu-Kuromu, Flare first appears as a cameo in Chapter 40 as WarGreymon, being mind controlled by Hoopa and subdued to a modified Master Ball that was used against her to try and control her. With the help of Ash, she escaped from Hoopa's grasp and hid out in Ash's VR Ranch for PC Pokemon Storage. In Chapter 44, she introduces her name to Ash and then reveals her situation regarding why she's here, and what Hoopa had done to her to get her under its control. After explaining everything, Flare promptly leaves for her home dimension by using Network as a gateway to her universe of origin.

Later in the story, however, Hoopa forcefully drags Flare back into its universe again upon the command of Ghetsis. Due to how much force Hoopa had used to ensnare her this time, Flare had degenerated into Agumon from severe fatigue, as Ghetsis, using a device crafted by Colress, placed a coil on Flare's arm which caused her eyes to turn soulless and red and caused her to slide evolve into BlackAgumon. After news gets to Ghetsis as to how one of the challengers in the Pokemon League was eliminated and disqualified as commanded, Ghetsis personally heads out with Flare to kill the challenger to ensure he doesn't reveal the truth about his plans of rigging the league so that Ash and N would be the finalists regardless of how much the other challengers put up a fair fight.

Being pit up against a defensive Mega Charizard X, Flare didn't waste time with dark evolving into BlackGreymon, and then proceeding to attack with Mega Flame, only to immediately follow up her attack by dark evolving again into MetalGreymon (Virus), and then proceeding to not only impale Charizard with Trident Arm, but then frantically pelt the suffering Pokemon with Giga Destroyer, and not long after even that harsh beatdown dark evolve into not BlackWarGreymon, but instead ChaosGreymon as Flare begins chanting Ghetsis' name in a twisted, madness driven tone of tranquil rage and a desire for carnage. As Flare kills both the Charizard and his trainer with Ankoku no Gaia Force, Ghetsis only smirks in glee as to see his experiment is a success.

Towards the climax of the story, though, Flare begins to break free partially of Ghetsis' control by developing a split personality as ChaosGreymon's dark, twisted, bloodthirsty form, and beelines straight for Ash at N's Castle. However, while she was strong, she was working with having had little rest while under Ghetsis' command, and is defeated by Zekrom stomping her into the ground as Ash takes the chance to unshackle Flare free of the mind corrupting device. Flare, too horrified as to where she is now and wondering what she had nearly done or had already done while having been driven mad, flees the scene entirely and is never heard from again in this story for a long time.

When she returns to her home universe for good this time, she only vaguely can recall the painful memories of this whole ordeal. Curiously enough, though, Flare's appearances in Truth and Ideals as ChaosGreymon and its prior forms is exclusive to Truth and Ideals' plots involving her, and her appearance in a corrupt evolution doesn't occur in Digimon Re: Story. Regardless, though, the events had traumatized the back of her mind to where, when Tempest first tries to Jogress evolve with her the first time, he sees visions of ChaosGreymon's form of Flare in action, killing at least several eliminated Pokemon league trainers who were framed by Ghetsis and then lured into a spot for the killing blow as to hide the truth of their framed natures from everyone. Tempest is horrified as a result of this, and develops an absolute hatred towards whoever this man is who is responsible for having broken the back of Flare's mind so drastically...

Digimon Re: Story

The events from Truth and Ideals, on this side of the story, seem to occur within the same timespan from each other rather than being at two completely different times. During the Gold Tamer Arc, Flare is abducted through a portal, and seemingly manages to escape only to be quickly dragged back in. It isn't until Baihumon is rescued in which Flare returns for real, and she is heavily drained from the events that had unfolded in Truth and Ideals to where she feels and acts legitimately having snapped in distraught. When Tempest visits Enju's DigiFarm to try and comfort her after they attempt a Jogress but fail, Flare tells Tempest in private that she fears she may have killed humans while she was forcefully dragged from her natural home universe and brainwashed into slavery for a madman. Tempest, while never having had the chance to learn who anybody from the Truth and Ideals portion of Flare's storyline is, feels an eternal hatred to whomever was responsible for having forced Flare into such atrocious acts against her will.

Design Notes

While the coil on her left arm in her corrupted forms heavily resembles the Evil Spiral, it actually is just a device which has a very similar effect, but aside from both that and the appearance of it, it actually is a distinct object; the Evil Spiral was more of a solid, rigid structure when used, but this particular device was a more leather-like band around her which could intensify in tightness when wrapped around her to get her attention when Ghetsis believed she wasn't paying attention to orders.

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