WarGreymon (Digimon Xros Wars: Lost Memory)
Prior forms Greymon (Xros Wars) + MailBirdramon + Fan:HolyKnightmon + Fan:Hyperionmon

MetalGreymon + Fan:HolyKnightmon + Fan:Hyperionmon

Next forms Fan:Omegamon (Digimon Xros Wars: Lost Memory) (w/ Fan:MetalGarurumon (Digimon Xros Wars: Lost Memory), Shoutmon X4
Partners Kiriha Aonuma

This is a huge MetalGreymon with a set of armor.


  • Gaia Strike: Strike the enemy with the power of earth.
  • Gigantic Flare: Use the sword to unleash a giant fire.
  • Dragonic Shield: It's shield absord an attack then unleash it back two times more powerful.
  • Nova Claw: Attack with the burning claw.

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