Apocalymon t

there was one situation were tai,sora,davis, and kari confronted were confronting Apocalymon for his data and he was first captured by a dark war class unknown digimon thought to be warduftmon and sora triggered god digivolution and made warpheonixmon for a failed chase

War class

War class digimon are digimon above mega class and rival super ultimate and super mega class.Some known digimon in the class are Warseadramon and some variations of WarGreymon made by Tai Kamiya with the Fan Fiction/Greymon Essence Blade. Most have the prefix "war" but there are exceptions like tai's creations goldgreydramon.This level is technically a mode change but more of a power margin in between. This digivolution called god,titan,demon or diety digivolution which requires alot of power and data.

War-class digimons, requires three crests, and alot of enrgy to possibly transform to their war-class form, on the island govu island war-class we're first discovered by Tai Kamiya. Tai found the extremly powerful digimon Dracholichmon(Dra chol ik mon) a living skeleton dragon, Wargreymon and Metalgreymmon tried to confront him, however were trapped under a Dark shower attack, a Warphoenixmon collided with Dracholich mon, making it break, and disappear. very few war-class digimon is known and is strong enough to destroy an entire Nation alone. the only "gigantic" War-class digimon is Warseadramon towering over one and a half mile long, small torpedo bomers, and gatling guns, is located undet it's metallic skin, which automaticly attacks enemies coming within range. the smallest digimon is GigaVirusmon, a small digimon about 5 inches high.

Types of Digivolution

To reach War-class, certain condition is needed: 1. The digimon is a mega or rookie! 2. A digivice 3. respective crest 4. Respective "god" crest 5. enough energy(about 100 000 to 500 000 KJ)

current war-class digimon

Wargreymon --> Lasegreymon

Metalgarurumon --> Wargarurumon

Phoenixmon --> Warphoenixmon

Herculeskabuterimon --> Hornherculeskabuterimon

Rosemon --> Godrosemon

Plesiomon + Vikemon --> GigaWhamon

Seraphimon --> Godmon

Magnadramon --> Goddramon

Ophanimon --> Godangemon

Imperialdramon --> Empiremon







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