Ages is the second story in the War of the Crests cycle. It takes place three years after the ending of Digimon Adventure 02.

Story Summary

Digimon have been revealed to the world under drastic and destructive circumstances. Factions are gathering all over the world, including a group of digimon terrorists. The digidestined must now face new enemies, such as a digimon-opressive government, a terrorist organization known as NERO, and the strange being known only as the Nightmare.


Returning Characters

Original Characters

There are five original characters that take major roles in this story. Some are returning characters from Second Light, others completely new to the series.

Thomas "Tommy" Evangelos

Age: 15

Tommy is an American digidestined. He was born blind, but was granted sight by Jake at age eleven. After the events of Second Light, he is searching for an explanation for the strange events taking place in the digital world, as well as watching over Elvierre, Jake's sister.

Tommy possesses a bronze-and-white digivice. He wields the crest of Honor, which also has a bronze color. His digimon partner is Dracomon

Jacob "Jake"

Age: Over one thousand

Jake is half Acolyte. He was the main villain of Second Light. It is revealed that his actions in Second Light were not his own and, in fact, he is searching for redemption. He communicates with Kari from a strange, alien world known as the Stream and helps her to find the crest of Ages.

Jake possesses a silver-and-white digivice. His digimon partner is Lucemon.


Age: Over one thousand Elvierre is half Acolyte, like Jake, and is his twin. She is the Scribe: the being who is meant to record prophecies and hold them in the Crystal Palace, where the Designator reads them. After the palace collapsed, she fled and was found by Tommy. She follows him now, searching for the reason that her palace fell.

Danielle "Dani"

Age: 15

Dani is a young, british digimon tamer. She is a member of the English Royal Family and is searching across the digital world for her brother, James.

Dani possesses a violet-and-white digivice. Her digimon partner is Squiremon.


Age: 17

Julia is a young digimon tamer who is rescued by Matt in the digital world. She is revealed to possess a Gatomon and has some minor medical training. She has a certain fondness for Matt, which he reciprocates.

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