Second Light is the first story in the War of the Crests cycle. It takes place three years after the ending of Digimon Adventure 02.

Story Summary

One year after the digidestined defeat MaloMyotismon, a strange delivery arrives and they are given their old crests as a gift. Two years later, a new arrival brings strange events which climax with the shattering of the crest of Light. The digidestined discover a conspiracy surrounding the crests and must defend against a new enemy more powerful than any they have faced before.


Returning Characters

Original Characters

There are four original characters are introduced and take major roles in this story.

Thomas "Tommy" Evangelos

Age: 15

Tommy is an American transfer student that shows up in Odaiba. It is revealed that he himself is partnered with a digimon and is working against the digidestined. He works alongside another character, Jake, in a plan to wield the power of Light themselves.

Tommy possesses a bronze-and-white digivice. He wields the crest of Honor, which also has a bronze color. His digimon partner is Dracomon

Jacob "Jake" Skylyth

Age: Unknown

Jake is half Acolyte. He is the main villain of Second Light. He is power-hungry and desires the power of the crest of Light. He is also a digidestined, possessing both a digimon and a digivice. He is also the Designator: the being who is meant to determine, through prophecy, who is supposed to obtain the crests.

Jake possesses a silver-and-white digivice. His digimon partner is Lucemon.


Age: Unknown

Elvierre is half Acolyte, like Jake. She is the Scribe: the being who is meant to record prophecies and hold them in the Great Library, where the Designator reads them.


Age: Unknown

Tyron is a full-blooded acolyte, like Gennai and Oikawa. He is the Smith: the being who forges the crests and passes them onto the Designator to place.

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