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Level Rookie
Type Knight
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms Unknown
Next forms Huntmon
Partners Dani

Squiremon is a small digimon similar in appearance to [Kotemon]. He wears a large, red scarf over his face and has a green tunic over chainmail. He wields a shortsword as his weapon.

Squiremon is shown to be very loyal to Dani. However, he is not afraid of pointing out her flaws and has a rather dry sense of humor, usually at her expense.


  • Slasher: Slashes 7 times in rapid succession at the enemy.
  • Demon Fang: Launches a blue shockwave across the ground at a single enemy.


Level Champion
Type Ranger
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms Squiremon
Partners Dani

Huntmon is the champion form of Squiremon. He is tall and lean. He wears the same red scarf, allowing it to cover his mouth and nose only, revealing a shock of black hair on the top of his head. He wears green-and-brown leather armor and wields two weapons: A longbow on his back and a shortsword on his hip.

In Ages, he is very loyal to Dani. He loses his sense of humor. It is replaced by an extremely heightened intellect, based on tactics. He chooses to fight his enemies on his own ground, regardless of where he is, making near-perfect plans.


  • True Sight: Scans his enemy with his eyes, determining their type.
  • Digimon Bane: Announces a digimon type, increasing his weapons' effectiveness toward that type of digimon.
  • Bane Arrow: Looses one of his arrows from his quiver. This attack is only available after determining his enemy's type and using his Digimon Bane ability.
  • Rain Storm: Unleashes a barrage of ethereal arrows at his enemy.
  • Dragon Swarm: Unleashes a deadly combo with his shortsword.

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