The Warlord DigiDestined are a group of children and their Digimon partners that protect the Digital World. Their is the Warlord DigiDestined and the Warlord Army, both trying to rid the DigiWorld of the DigiDestroyed. Will they succeed?

Warlord Digidestined

Tamer Digimon Crest
Emory Yoshida Gomamon Courage
Skylar Hayashi Labramon Friendship
Kia Komori Renamon Love
Demitra Ikeda Dracomon Sincerity
Eskil Mori Coronamon Knowledge
Teneil Tanaka Bearmon Reliability
Klaus Kozu Dorumon Hope
Midori Kobayashi Lucemon and Kudamon Light
Rina Yamada Ryudamon Kindness

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