Title The Warrior of Determination
Level Armor
Prior forms PrimitiveAgumon + Digi-Egg of Determination
Partners Matthew
Digi-Egg of Determination

The Digi-Egg of Determination

WarriorGreymon is the first Armor form attained by PrimitiveAgumon. He is an excellent swordsman, wielding two single-handed blades. He sometimes appears with a double-handed blade instead. WarriorGreymon's skull helmet is a dark red color, with a matching breastplate. He also carries a large round shield, which is only used when he admits his opponent is stronger than him. He prefers to rely on a strong offense instead of a balanced offense and defense. The Crest of Determination appears on his breastplate and shield.

First Appearance

After Gennai told the two Digidestineds he had gathered all the Digi-Eggs at the Village of the Ancients so they could use them until their Crests were found, he said the Digi-Eggs to match their Crests hadn't been found yet. Matthew and Brittani began wandering around the Digital World searching for the Village of the Ancients. They came to a jungle where they found a large temple. They walked inside, hoping to get directions to the village. There they met Gaiomon, who was tired after defeating 1000 Gorillamon by himself. A noise outside the temple prompted Gaiomon to tell the Digidestineds about a Digi-Egg that he found in his temple. He said that if they took care of the noise for him, they could keep it. Matthew was able to pick it up, allowing PrimitiveAgumon to armor digivolve for the first time. WarriorGreymon easily took care of the problem outside, blocking every attack that came toward him.

WarriorGreymon is PrimitiveAgumon's preferred form for battle unless a new Digi-Egg is discovered. It remains his preferred form until all the Digi-Eggs are found.


Burning Strike- WarriorGreymon's sword(s) bursts into flames and is swung at the opponent

Single Slash- slashes the opponent with the double-handed blade

Double Slash- slashes the opponent with both single-handed blades