Warriors' Circle
(戦士のサークル Senshi no sākuru)
General information
Founder: WarDukDrialmon
Leader: Ifritdramon
Intentions: To become invincible through fellowship

The Warriors' Circle is a group of ten powerful, Warrior Digimon. The group could be likened to the Knights of the Round Table. If that is the case, WarDukDrialmon could be considered the King Arthur of the Group. This is not 100% correct, however, as WarDukDrialmon is more blunt, battle-loving, and less compassionate than the legendary Human King.

While only known to WarDukDrialmon and BlackWarGreymon, the group unofficially started when Drialmon discovered a lone, wounded Pagumon, who would eventually digivolve to BlackWarGreymon. This was how they met, and how BlackWarGreymon became so fiercely protective over WarDukDrialmon. The official founding was some time later, when WarDukDrialmon and BlackWarGreymon, joined a while ago by Ifritdramon, learned that fellowship went hand in hand with warrior's prowess.

Each of the Members, once they reached at least the Champion Stage, were deemed experienced enough to take on an Apprentice; a Rookie level Digimon. They choose an Apprentice similar to themselves, if not the same species. But regardless, they teach their Apprentices the importance of Fellowship, and to find a worthy reason for battle.


Digimon Apprentice Reason
Commandramon b
To gather like-minded Warriors

Coronamon b
To protect all and serve WarDukDrialmon
WarGrowlmon b
Dracomon b
To uphold the reputation of Dramon-types
BlackWarGreymon b
Agumon b
To destroy those who threaten WarDukDrialmon
Cyberdramon b
Labramon b
To have a true and good reason to fight
MasterTyrannomon b
Betamon b
To uphold the reputation of the Tyrannomon-species
Ginkakumon b
Gazimon b
To protect his sister Kinkakumon
Gokuwmon b
Kotemon b
To stand beside other warriors who practice decorum
Sagittarimon b
Ryudamon b
To gloriously ride into battle alongside comrades
VictoryGreymon b
Veemon b
To uphold the honor of the Greymon-species

The majority of the Members are Ultimates, but Sagittarimon and Ginkakumon are Champions, while BlackWarGreymon and VictoryGreymon are Megas. WarDukDrialmon is also Mega-Level, until certain events occur that revert him to his Rookie. All of their Apprentices have yet to come close to Digivolving to their Champion Stages.
WereGarurumon was meant to be a part of the Warriors' Circle, till he was brutally cut down.

The two majorities of the Members are Virus and Vaccine, which, plus the three Data Types, have more than often caused arguments. But WarDukDrialmon and Ifritdramon have made sure to keep peace among the group, and remind them of their mission as a whole. The mission of learning fellowship, and sharing a love for battle.

Cyberdramon has on more than one occasion assisted with the Virus-to-Vaccine arguments, for while he often wants to crackdown on some of the Virus Types, memories of old friends of his keeps him practicing fellowship. The same goes for WarGrowlmon, who was actually Cyberdramon's friend before the pair joined the Warriors' Circle.


The Warriors' Circle act as the source of conflict in Sally and Drialmon's story, Digimon: Coming Full Circle.

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