Level War-Class
Type Aquatic Digimon
Attribute Data
Family Sea Dragons, Deep Savers
Prior forms MetalSeadramon
Next forms Seassamuraimon (DNA /w Lotusamuraimon)
Partners Anna Kimoyo

WarSeadramon is the world largest Digimon, with a size of 5260 ft. its enormous body is well protected by underwater torpedeos, and gatling guns, hidden beneath the mettalic skin of Warseadramon. Warseadramon is despite being a seadragon, able to travel on land, however, only in a very limited time. Warseadramon is also able to dive to deepths over than 15 000 feet or 5 km. warseadramon, got a horn on it's forehead that is splitted down to the middle of it, the hor can send over than 100 000 volt directly through the air, or ny target it stings. Warseadramon has reached a top speed of 50 miles per hour on land and over 100 miles to sea. Many consideres Warseadramon as a Amphibious, however, it's sharp teeth proves that it's a reptile, it eats meet, by biting it's pray with it's giant teeth that's about 3-4 feet long. Warseadramon could ferry 950 people over distances more than 2000 miles, in only 2 days.