Waspmon b
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Waspmon is a servant of the Seven Great Demon Lords. He is rather eccentric and high-strung... and seems to be in love with Lilithmon, who manipulates him... having him get all the Code-keys then destroying him.


  • Turbo Stinger: Fires a rapid-fire salvo from its wide-aperture laser cannon.
  • Bear Buster: A single blow fired after charging up energy. This technique can bring down even giant Digimon, but it is difficult to hit agile enemies with it, so it is mainly used against enemies on the ground.
  • Lethal Buzz: Buzzes so loudly that it damages your ears.

Other Forms


FanBeemon b

FanBeemon is the Rookie form of Waspmon. FanBeemon is a bumblebee Digimon. Despite being younger, FanBeemon is still in love with Lilithmon.


  • Gear Stinger: Rapid-fires tiny, serrated stingers.
  • 88 Call: Reddens its antenna and contacts its allies, summoning a huge crowd of its comrades.


JewelBeemon is Waspmon's Ultimate form. JewelBeemon, unlike Digimon belonging to Tamers... Waspmon can stay in Utimate/Mega/Champion form as long as he wishes.


  • Spike Buster: Attacks with his pointed wings.
  • Shot Claw: Attacks with his spear.
  • Glistening Jewels: Blinds the opponents by glowing his jewels.


GrandisKuwagamon b

GrandisKuwagamon is Waspmon's Mega form. Waspmon forced himself to Digivolve all the way to Mega to impress Lilithmon, and kill the Armor DigiDestined, once and for all.

  • Grandis Scissors: Slices his enemies to bits.
  • Gran Killer: Uses his Gran-Killer claws to strike.
  • Gran Cutter: Attacks with his razor-sharp wings.
  • Grandis Bolt: Sends a bolt of electricity towards his enemies.